Come Follow Me: Network Marketing Recruitment Made Easy

So, what’s the focus of your network marketing recruitment efforts?

Do you tell prospects how great the product is? Do you hype the business opportunity?

Do you do what I did the first time I tried network marketing at age 18—“pitching” friends, family, and your new neighbors while they were unloading the moving van?

And how are any of those things working for you? Not very well?

I thought so.

Let me tell you the secret of network marketing recruitment. By learning this secret, I’ve gone from a lone 18-year-old who chased (literally!) her leads to making more money than most people will in all their lives. And at 28, I have more than 50,000 representatives in my downline!

Yes. You read that number correctly. So put down your phone, take your fingers away from your keyboard, and take a moment to think about this:

Network marketing recruitment isn’t a matter of selling a product or a business plan. In fact, network marketing recruitment isn’t about “selling” in the traditional sense at all.

Successful network marketing recruitment is about become a leader whom other people want to follow!

When you become a leader, you won’t have to ask anyone to join your team—they’ll be coming to you!

You see, people aren’t turned on by products or business plans. They’re turned on by other people—specifically, powerful, successful people who are willing and able to help them solve their problems.

If you want to be a successful network marketer—if you want to join me at the top—you, too, must become a leader whom others will want to follow!

Just how do you do that? It’s simple!

First, take a look at how your passions and knowledge dovetail with the product or service you’re offering. Next look at your areas of expertise that fit in nicely with any aspect of network marketing. Then start giving away free information that will solve peoples’ problems or improve their lives!

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’re going to want to continuously improve yourself—your attitude, your leadership skills, and your expertise—to become and stay a recognized network marketing leader.

How will that improve your recruitment numbers? Let me explain further.

Most people, even people with with the spirit to become entrepreneurs themselves, are attracted to work with winners. No one wants to reinvent the wheel if they can follow someone who will show them how to get the whole Mercedes in one go!

But how do we identify winners and leaders? That’s easy. The winners and leaders among us are the ones who are always learning and trying new things. They’re the ones who are never settle to “just” be better at everyone else in their field. No! They compete with and surpass themselves constantly.

We human beings are also animals. We’re attracted to the winners, to the leaders, because we know they can show us the way to be like them. And because we know they’ve blazed the trails for us and made it easier for us to follow.

Once you position yourself as a real winner – as a leader with these qualities – others will flock to you as naturally as geese flock behind the leader in the V as they’re flying.

And that, friends, is the secret of successful network marketing.

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