Vitamins, Perfume . . . or You? What Are You Really Selling with Your Network Marketing Business

No, I’m not trying equate you to things like vitamins or perfumes—but the truth is, I don’t care what product you’re representing in your network marketing business.

You could be marketing vitamins. Or perfumes. Or The Next New Thing that seems to have everyone’s attention today.

Because when you’re in the network marketing business, you’re truly selling only one thing.

You’re selling yourself.

What this means is that you’re selling the story of who you are and why people should follow you. You’re selling the stories of the adversities you have overcome. Your outlook on life.

What has made you a successful network marketer, and what’s different about you that will attract people like you to become part of your team?

For example, I have achieved financial success in my 20s. But I’ve gone through a lot to get here. I was a violin prodigy who, as a teenager, ended up living on my own to continue my education when my mother moved to Israel.

I even failed at my first network marketing business!

All of those things are a part of my story—they are my personal brand. People see my life, see my success, and know that I can help them succeed at their network marketing business, too.

So back to you. What kind of leader are you? What do you know about network marketing that no one else knows? How can you help your fellow marketers work smarter, attract more sales and sign-ups, and be the very best network marketers they can be?

Because that’s what you’re selling when you’re in the network marketing business. You’re selling success—and the fact that you can help others achieve it.

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