Forget Aunt Mary & Uncle Bob—Launch Your Network Marketing Business in the Internet Age

Do you remember what the network marketing business was like before the Internet?

I do. My first foray into network marketing was with a large international company that was still doing things in the old-school way. In case you’ve not experienced it, that meant meetings upon meetings. It meant buying a lot of product.

And it meant being willing to approach everyone from your Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob to complete strangers in shopping centers, your dentist, your friends’ friends’ friends, and even the occasional stray animal. Anything to recruit a marketing downline.

I bet you can guess the results. That’s right. I think I still have a case of that old product hiding somewhere in my basement. I didn’t earn a cent. And, 8 years later, my family and friends are just now feeling safe to give me their phone numbers again.

And who can blame them? In the old days, network marketing was about being a horrible pest to as many people as possible in the hopes that one of them would take pity on you and open his wallet.

Network marketing wasn’t a business as much as it was a never-ending process of trying to find someone, anyone, you hadn’t already approached.

All of which leads me to the point of this article: The network marketing business today really is a business. And no one has to rely on their kind Aunt Sally or a brighter-than-average stray dog anymore.

Like for so many other areas of our lives, the Internet has changed everything for network marketers.

Take finding customers and recruiting a downline, for example. In the old days, we network marketers talked to hundreds of people before we found even one who was a little interested in what we had to say. Today we have search engines. And as long as the content we put on our websites and elsewhere on the Internet is spiced with the appropriate keywords, our customers and potential downline come to us.

That’s right—these days, just like most other legitimate business people, network marketers can attract customers who are already interested in what we have to offer!

Not only that, we don’t have to make personal contact with hundreds of people in order to turn up 1 customer or prospective downline members. Today’s network marketers do business with a market that is millions of people strong! And, because our websites are available 24/7/365, we’re recruiting even when we’re taking a break or on vacation.

Are you looking for a business opportunity that allows you to be your own boss? Do you want to have time, flexibility in location, and financial freedom? With the Internet, you can have all three by opening your own network marketing business online.

I’m living proof. My first brush with network marketing was at age 18. You already know how that went. How am I doing now?

I’m 28. I’ve created a fortune on the Internet and joined the top 3% of industry earners. I did it with an online network marketing business. Now I want to show you how you can do it, too!