Forget the $5K Seminar—Stay Home with These Expert Network Marketing Tips

There are a lot of people out there who want to sell you network marketing tips, aren’t there? From $5K seminars to hugely expensive DVDs, CDs, and books, there are certainly a lot of people cashing in on network marketers!

Here’s the thing. Some network marketing-related meetings and seminars are a good idea, particularly for newbies. At the very least, you can meet and share tips with your fellow marketers and get support in person from people who understand what you’re trying to achieve.

But $5,000 for a seminar!!??? What are they doing, handing out solid gold tablets imprinted with the “10 Commandments for Network Marketers” or something?

I mean, spend the money if you like. And it’s true that there are books and other instructional materials you’re going to want to invest in to strengthen your success. I’m a top income earner, and I still spend thousands per year educating myself to become a better coach and mentor.

But overall, wouldn’t you rather stay home and get some solid tips about network marketing for free first? I thought you would, so here goes:

  • If you’re still doing network marketing the old-school way—meetings, cold calls, approaching everyone from your mailman to doctor—stop it. You need to move your network marketing business online! Why? Here’s just 1 reason: How do people find what they want on the Internet? They use search engines, right?

Now imagine all the people who are searching for the kind of product or service you’re marketing and all the others who are looking for a home-based business of their own! Talk about a warm list—with the Internet, your prospects come to you!

  • The key to getting those people to come to you is called “search engine optimization” (SEO). This means that you learn how to write articles and put content on your website that includes the words the people are naturally using when they do online searches for the things you have to offer. SEO is a much larger topic than one short article can cover. If you visit my website, though, I’ll give you all sorts of tips on how to do it right!
  • Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that online network marketing is like buying a winning lottery ticket. There are actually people out there who will charge you money to fill you with such nonsense! The fact is that network marketing, even online, requires consistent effort if you want to succeed.

I hope these free network marketing tips were worth the “cost” of staying home. The fact is that there is a lot of good information out there and it’s available to you for free or at a lower cost than some of the seminars that are being advertised today. Before you go to an expensive seminar or buy anything that seems excessively costly, first see where you can to go get quality tips for free. Your bottom line will thank you!