Get Out of the Dark Ages—Try Network Marketing Online

Do you have any idea how being able to do network marketing online has changed our industry? Let me tell you a story . . .

In the beginning, there was Avon. And Tupperware. And the other network marketing pioneers. These companies’ products were sold by networks of women, usually housewives, who needed any good reason they could come up with to get away from the house and the kids for a while.

But, lo and behold, the network marketing business model was so successful that dozens, hundreds, probably thousands, of companies jumped on the network marketing bandwagon! Suddenly, there was a keen competition—and more and more network marketers every day.

Meanwhile, though, society changed. Women found that we could do more with our lives than dusting and laundry. And we were able to leave the house whenever we wanted—we didn’t need to excuse time with our girlfriends by saying we were earning some “pin money” for ourselves.

As times changed, network marketing companies changed tactics. New marketers were told that they would have to recruit their friends, family, associates, even strangers to find people to buy their products and join their downlines.

Network marketing meetings and sales presentations stopped being a fun respite from a dreary life. They became resented social obligations; something you fit into your schedule because your former best friend wouldn’t stop bugging you about them!

Believe me; I know. My first foray into network marketing was with a large company that wasn’t doing business online. Pretty soon my relatives changed their phone numbers, my dentist told me to find another dentist, and I was reduced to approaching total strangers in shopping centers!

And, no, I never made a dime.

But then, still hungry for the freedom that I saw a network marketing business could offer, I came on board with an online network marketing company at age 21. Guess what? I created a fortune for myself and joined the ranks of top industry earners in just under 3 years!

After taking a break from network marketing for a while, I then joined my next company as the person in charge of opening up the European market for them. And within two years, I had achieved complete freedom of time, freedom of location, and freedom of finances. I am one of the top 3% of earners in the entire industry!

Why? Because I don’t hound my Aunt Mary anymore. (And, yes, my family has finally given me their phone numbers again!) No—my success came entirely from learning how to do network marketing the way it’s now meant to be done—online.

The moral of this story is that if you’re still trying to do “traditional” network marketing, you’re doomed unless you’re satisfied with the occasional pin money. If you want true success, if you want the chance to earn millions, you’ll join me in marketing to the billions of people who are already online!

Don’t worry—I can show you everything you need to know. But don’t wait! Your dreams can start coming true today, and all you need to do is commit to doing your network marketing online—where the real money is!