Got a Dribble? Get a Gusher!: Leads, Network Marketing, and the Internet

If you haven’t heard this by now, let me be the one to tell you: Network marketing runs on leads. Lots and lots of leads.

Now, you may have your sights set on the number of leads you need to generate in a day, a week, or a month to make a success of your marketing business. Think higher. A lot higher.

Why? Let me give you an example of what happens in real-world network marketing by using some made-up numbers.

Let’s say you’ve got a warm leads list of 1,000 people. That sounds great, right? But it’s not. Because now you have to knock half of them off your list. The half you’re losing aren’t that interested. Frankly they wouldn’t care if your product cured cancer.

But you still have 500 on your warm list, right? No, because now you have to knock 90% off the list. This 90% will be polite, but that’s their limit. Again it’s a matter of time, or money, or maybe they are about as interested (not!) as the first group but they’re just being nice.

What are we left with? Fifty people. These 50 people will listen and take an interest. They’ll buy a few things. And if you’re very, very lucky, two of them will sign up to be distributors.

And one of them will be gone within a year.

So you’ve done all this hard work to get a warm list, or you bought the list, so you could approach 1,000 people to join your network marketing company as customers or team members.

From all that time and expense, you’ve gotten one distributor!

Sounds positively dismal, doesn’t it?

So how does anyone manage to do what I’m doing and earn a fortune in network marketing?

I’ll tell you—to be an effective network marketer, you absolutely must be online.

At current count, there are 1.5 billion people using the Internet. Now let’s look at that market, shall we? Roughly 508 million of those people speak English.

How’s that for a potential market?

Obviously, only a very small fraction of those people are going to be interested in your product. A smaller percentage of them will become customers, fewer still will become distributors, and fewer still will be in network marketing for a full year.

But instead of a small fraction of 1,000 people, we’re talking a small fraction of 508 million people! 

Improves the odds quite a bit, doesn’t it?

But that’s not all! If you’ve ever looked for a particular website, you know how to do online searches for the information that you want. It’s a simple matter of typing your search terms into Google or one of the other search engines. 

Can you see what I’m getting at? When you do network marketing online, you don’t have to approach prospects—they come to you! 

Now of course funneling all of those potential prospects to your marketing website isn’t quite as easy as just putting up the site and then sitting back and waiting. You’re going to need to learn how to do it effectively.

But you know what? It’s not that hard! And let me tell you, having done network marketing both offline and online, the work you need to tap into that 500 million strong market pales in comparison to the time and money we used to spend just getting 1,000 people on a warm list.

So, please, join me in online network marketing. Let me show you how to tap into this huge market, and let me show you how to shine!