Steal the Network Marketing Secrets of the Superstars

No, you don’t really have to steal the network marketing secrets of the superstars—but that headline did get your attention, didn’t it? The truth is that the vast majority of those of us who are in the top 3% of earners in this industry recognize a few key facts:

  • All of us—every single one of us—got where we are because we were helped by network marketing experts.
  • The Internet isn’t an “infinite” market, I guess, but c’mon! We’re talking billions of people here! If you assume that even five percent of them might be interested in the products, services, or opportunities to be had through network marketing—that’s a big enough market for all of us—and then some!
  • Now on this point, I’ll speak only for myself. I believe that part of my value in life is measured by how helpful I am to others. That means doing volunteer work, and it also means helping my fellow network marketers achieve the time, location, and financial freedom I enjoy.

Now that we’ve put that behind us, just what are these secrets I’m talking about? More than I can put in any 1 article, to be honest, but I’m happy to give you a preview of the many available secrets that you can have for free for the asking!

  • I know that the existence of social networking sites is hardly a secret. But have you thought about using them as a part of your network marketing business? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on the worlds BIGGEST cocktail party!—and the best networking opportunity in human history.
  • Here’s a secret that many network marketing companies don’t know, or maybe don’t want to face up to telling you. For the network marketing company, you see, everything is about how great their product or service is. But when you’re doing network marketing you’re not selling a product or service! You’re not selling a business opportunity! You’re selling yourself!
  • You don’t recruit a downline by asking people to join your team. You recruit a downline by becoming a powerful leader whom people naturally want to follow!
  • You can’t just throw a website on the Internet and make a million dollars overnight. One of the key secrets of network marketing is that it requires consistent effort. I have made more money in the Network Marketing industry than most people will in all their lives, and I still spend time every day on my business!
  • Continuing education is another secret of success. You won’t grow as a marketer, or as a person for that matter, unless you are constantly growing and learning new things. Your ongoing success as a network marketer, in fact, depends on the value you bring to the table, every single day. 
  • To be successful you have to help others reach their dreams, too.

Now, of course there is more to be learned about these network marketing secrets. I’ve just given you an overview here, but I’ll be happy to share the rest with you as well if you visit my website at Good luck and happy marketing!