Stuff We Love, Stuff that Works—Network Marketing Products

There are more networking marketing products out there than I believe a thousand marketers could shake a stick at even if they were coordinating their efforts! With that in mind, what product or service line and what network marketing company should you choose to work with?

I’m glad you asked. But before we go into more detail, the first thing I need to tell you is that there are 4 categories of question you need to ask yourself as you narrow down the possibilities of network marketing companies and products to choose from:

  1. Is this company legitimate? How long has it been around? What kind of reputation for quality, marketer-corporate relationships, and fairness does it have?
  1. Do the products work as advertised? Are they made from quality components or ingredients? If you’ll be marketing a service, what value does the service bring to people who purchase it?
  1. Is the compensation plan spelled out clearly, and does it seem reasonable to you?
  1. Are you personally interested in this product or service line? Have you used it yourself? Do you believe you can bring value to others by marketing these products or services?

Now, in some ways, your answer to #4 is going to determine some of the other things you need to consider when choosing which network marketed product or service you want to put your name behind.

And remember that, when you go into network marketing, that’s exactly what you’re doing—putting your name and your reputation behind a company and a product or service line. That’s why it’s so important that you choose wisely!

But now that you’ve come up with a list of potential products that interest you, that provide real value and are created by companies with solid reputations, how do you choose one? Now that you’ve looked at your options through the basic lenses above, it’s time to put on your “marketing glasses” and take a closer look.

These are the criteria you need to use when deciding among the companies, products, and services that passed your first tests:

  • What makes this product or service different from others like it?

Can you cross-market the product or service line with complementary products, or does the network marketing company have a policy against doing so?

  • Can you think of creative ways to market this product or service line? For example, would it be possible for you to create an online community around this product or service?
  • Does the market already seem saturated with this particular network marketing company’s products or services? Is everyone you know and their great aunt Sally already working with them?
  • Does the product or service seem to be a flash in the pan, or do they have some lasting power?

The first set of questions cover the basics and protect your online reputation. The second will help you determine which of the possible products or services are a good fit and likely to be most profitable for you.

However, remember this—no matter how hot the network marketing products or services, you’re not selling products or services! You’re selling yourself. But that’s a topic for another article!