Think Like a General: The Best Network Marketing Strategies to Use Now

You may think it’s amusing that I’m using a military analogy to talk about the best network marketing strategies. But really, it’s not that funny. After all, there is no such thing as a general who goes into battle without a plan, is there?

You won’t find any successful attorneys who go into court without a plan, either. Or any successful candidates who just hit the campaign trail without a rather elaborate set of strategies to assure their victory.

So why then do I run into so many network marketers who think they can just decide to go into the business and then barrel on through without thinking it through first?

Now, if you’ve been beating your head against that particular brick wall, please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not criticizing you. If anything, I’m criticizing the people out there who make network marketing sound like a perpetual lottery ticket!

Sure, you can do network marketing that way. But you won’t get anywhere. To do the best network marketing and have the most success, you simply must have a plan first!

In other words, the first network marketing strategy I advise you to do is to create an overall plan for your business before you start working it. What do you want to achieve? What skills are you lacking that might get in your way? Where can you go to learn what you need to learn?

These are important questions. Answering them will give you the foundation you need to succeed.

That said, here are some of the best network marketing strategies out there that you should be using today:

  • Come join the never-ending party! Social networking sites like Twitter, FaceBook, and MySpace are literally like continuous, 24-hour cocktail parties without the booze and the hangovers. But if you work them right, these sites are literally a gold mine of prospects!
  • If you haven’t learned search engine optimization (SEO) yet, now is the time to get started. Articles and website content written according to the principles of good SEO become a recruitment beacon!
  • Do you have tracking software that tells you how many people visit your network marketing site? How many visitors sign up for a newsletter, become customers, or sign up for your downline? The best practice is to start tracking this kind of information so you’ll be better able to tweak your content to bring in leads.
  • Invest in yourself! This is probably among the best strategies to commit to for your continued success in network marketing. I am among the top 3% of the industry top income earners and I still spend thousands a year on my own education. Why? Because that’s the only way I’ll continue to grow as a coach, a mentor, and a hugely successful network marketer.

Really, the best network marketing strategies aren’t that hard to learn and apply. All it takes is diligent effort—action, determination, and desire—a solid plan, and a good mentor to put yourself on the path to success!