Thou Shalt Not Pay for Common Sense: Thinking of Using a Network Marketing Consultant? Here’s Some FREE Advice

I understand why you may think you need a network marketing consultant, particularly if you’re new to our industry or you’re not yet realizing the returns you’d planned on.

After all, there are lots of self-styled “consultants” out there who know how to make themselves look like everything you want to be. And if you already know you need to find a marketing mentor, why wouldn’t you hire an expert? If it’s expensive, it must be worth it, right?

Yes, that’s how some people think—that nothing you get for free could be anywhere near as valuable as the things you have to pay for.

That might be true in some areas, but it definitely isn’t true in the network marketing industry.

Take me for example. I’m one of the top leaders in the field; my earnings are in the top 3% of all network marketers. Believe me, people are willing to pay for my advice.

But if you take a look at my website, you’ll find out that I give away a lot of valuable information. What do I charge for it? Nothing. Nothing at all.

I operate this way because your success is as important to me as my own. Whether it’s network marketing or any other area of life, I get a huge satisfaction from helping others.

And believe me, I’m not the only one. The best network and online marketers are always willing to give away some very valuable information in order to help you do your best.

That’s just the nature of this business. The more you succeed, the more successful we’ll all become.

So why would you want to pay a network marketing consultant when you can get the same or more value for nothing but your time?

Granted, there are some things you need to look out for when looking for network marketing mentors. Here’s the second bit of advice I want to give you right now—the specific questions you need to ask of anyone before you spend your time (your only non-renewable resource) reading and following their advice:

  • What’s his or her track record? Does it go back at least a few years, and is he or she still successful now?
  • What do people who have followed this person’s suggestions have to say? Are you seeing glowing endorsements?
  • Do you prefer that your mentor take a more proactive approach with you or leave you with the wealth of information and let you take things from there on your own? I always work individually with the people I mentor to help them customize their network marketing work around their particular strengths, weaknesses, and dreams. Some people may not enjoy that approach.

Really, finding someone to consult with you on your network marketing business isn’t all that difficult. It’s perhaps a bit more difficult to find the best of the best but only because doing so may require a bit more research on your part.

But under no circumstances do you need to pay an network marketing consultant. Not when the real experts and leaders, like me, will teach you everything you need to know about Internet marketing for free.