Wet Matches Won’t Light a Fire! Learn 5 Successful Methods of Multi-level Marketing

Are you still doing multi-level marketing the old way? You know what I’m talking about—a kiosk in a shopping center, soliciting everyone you know, cold calls to supposedly “warm” lists . . .

You know, the kinds of things that gave multi-level marketing a bad name with almost anyone who wasn’t a multi-level marketer?

Using those old techniques is like trying to use a wet match to start a fire—you’re not going to get a lick of warmth out of it, and all the smoke is going to seriously irritate your neighbors.

Now, I’m not going to give you the full story of my first attempt at multi-level marketing. Let’s just say that it’s been 8 years, and I am just starting to not feel guilty about calling my friends so often in the past.

But now I’m a success. I did it through multi-level marketing. And no one is afraid to pick up the phone when I call!

Really, that alone has done loads for my social life.

But how have I achieved this success—and more importantly, how can you achieve the same success? Let me give you a crash course in today’s multi-level marketing:

  1. Move your multi-level marketing business online. Find a new company if you have to, and take as many of your downline with you as want to come. There is no reason you should spend hundreds of hours and maybe thousands of dollars to reach hundreds of people when you could be spending that time and money reaching hundreds of thousands.
  1. Find an online multi-level marketing superstar and learn everything that person has to teach you. Online MLMs run under some of the same underlining principles as traditional multi-level marketing does—but the tactics are oh, so different. You don’t want to try anything you’re not completely ready to do.
  1. Have you ever done something completely ridiculous only to have pictorial proof show up on FaceBook? You can’t do anything about the past, of course, but decide right now how you want your public face to look once your multi-level marketing business is online.
  1. If you’re totally new to the technology involved, consider purchasing a ready-made marketing system. It’s a “business in a box,” if you will, that gives you the website, the necessary software, and in some cases even some content. You’re going to need to have it all personalized, of course, but a ready-made system can get your online multi-level marketing business growing much faster!
  1. Get ready for a lifetime of learning! To be a star multi-level marketer online, it’s necessary for you to constantly update your knowledge so that you can bring even more value to the table.

And really, those are the basic things you need to learn to get started as an online multi-level marketer. I guarantee you—give yourself one month without cold calls or soliciting strangers, and you’ll never look back!