Whip Your Downline into Shape—MLM Recruiting on Steroids

Are you looking for better ways to do your MLM recruiting?

Well, there’s a reason I call the Internet the “Sponsoring Superhighway” in my e-book!

If you’re not doing online recruiting yet, you really should be. And if you are but aren’t seeing the results you want, continue reading this article—I’m going to give you some golden MLM recruiting tips.

But first, I want to explain briefly exactly why I say that using the Internet will put your MLM recruiting on steroids. Did you know that 1.5 billion people are online? And that more than 500 million people speak English, most of whom are online?

Did I just see your eyes glaze over as you think of the possibilities? Good! Now you’re seeing things my way.

Of course, you’d hardly want to try to tap this huge market the old-school MLM way. But with the Internet you don’t go to your prospects—no cold-calling, no soliciting strangers. No—on the Internet, your recruits come to you!

And here are some of the specific things you can do right now to make that start happening:

  • Join the party! I know that you’ve at least heard of social networking websites by now. But did you know that they’re used by millions of people? They are—everyone from the American president to your great Aunt Sally is FaceBooking and Twittering away, even as I write this. Learn the proper etiquette and make good use of social networking sites, and you will see a serious spike in your MLM recruiting numbers!
  • Three words—Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How did you find this article on MLM recruiting? You almost certainly used a search engine like Google. You found this particular piece in part because I’m including the correct number of the words “MLM” and “recruiting” in it.

That’s how search engines work—people look for a topic, say, “home business,” and the search engine gives them the relevant information. This is how you get your recruits to come to you—you give them a search engine “road map”!

  • Article marketing. You are an expert on topics related to your business. But how will anyone know that unless you market yourself? Remember that there are far, far more Web pages on the Internet than there are people—more than a trillion Web pages so far! 

To make sure you get the notice you deserve, you need to post relevant content on the free article publishing sites. And by including a backlink to your website in your articles, you’ll also be helping your site’s search engine rankings!

Granted, you do need to learn more about these specific techniques before you’ll be able to master them. But the point is that, by taking the time to use the Internet well, you will put your MLM recruiting efforts on steroids!