You Can Grow a Money Tree—How to Achieve Automatic MLM Lead Generation

If you’ve only been trying to do MLM lead generation the traditional way. you may well be a tad suspicious of the title of this article. And believe me, I understand you!

The first MLM business I joined was definitely offline. You know what that means—warm lists that aren’t, harassing everyone you meet, approaching strangers in shopping centers.

In other words, with that business model, MLM lead generation wasn’t only not automatic, it was a huge, unending grind!

But let me tell you about my second and third MLM businesses. Both function online. In both, I was given the opportunity to train with the best.

What a difference it all made! In my second MLM business, I earned more than I had ever imagined I could in only a few years. Now, with my third, I have a team of more than 50,000 people in several different countries!

Now I am in the top 3% of industry earners.

That’s the difference the Internet makes! The Internet is literally a sponsoring superhighway that can put your lead generation on steroids.

How does it work?

You’re already aware that the Internet is huge and that there are more than a billion people online already, right? Well, when are people online?

That’s right—you can find people online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So what do you think happens when you put up a Web page and market your MLM opportunity online?

Exactly. Your articles and your website automatically generate leads for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can be generating leads even as you sleep!

How does that compare to standing around in a shopping center speaking to 1 or 2 strangers every few hours (if you’re lucky)?

Now, of course you’re going to need to learn how to take advantage of the automatic lead generation opportunities that the Internet makes available to us. But if you have already been able to master the intricacies of your MLM company’s compensation plan, putting your business online is going to be easy!

Where do you need to go to get this knowledge? The best way I know of is to work with the best in the business—why make the same mistakes others have when you don’t have to? Much of what I know is available to you on my website, It would be a pleasure to work with you!

And, to make things even easier, there are actually ready-made online MLM systems that you can buy and start using immediately.


So, please, put down your phone. Stop talking to everyone who will pretend to listen about your product or MLM opportunity.


We don’t have to do those things anymore.


Instead, take the time to learn how to benefit from automatic MLM lead generation on the Internet. You’ll increase your downline, increase your sales—and between you and me, I’m betting your family and your friends will be relieved!