Suck Them Into Your Vortex: Attraction Marketing and Your Network Marketing Business

What are you selling when you’re in a network marketing business?

You aren’t selling a product.

You aren’t selling a business opportunity. And no, you’re not selling a compensation plan.

You’re selling yourself. And the key to doing that successfully is something called attraction marketing.

Think about what sets network marketing apart from any other business. It’s the network, right, bringing together a group, a network, of people with a common mindset, common goals, and common dreams.

But what brings those networks together? What draws networks to the leaders in the network marketing business?

 That’s where attraction marketing comes in. With attraction marketing, you’re telling your story. You’re sharing things about you to attract people like you to your network marketing business.

If you want to attract creative, intelligent, thoughtful people, you need to demonstrate that you’re that kind of person.

More than that, though, people are naturally attracted to leaders. This means that, to become a successful network marketer, you need to learn how to be a leader.

Did you notice that I said, “learn how to be a leader?” Good! Because I don’t want you to think that network marketing skills are something you have to be born with. They are definitely something you can learn and apply yourself.

To be a strong network marketing leader, you need to have more than your personal story to attract a solid team. You need to demonstrate that you can help your team achieve their dreams. You need to bring value to their tables—you need to care just as much about their success as they do.

And that’s the first half of attraction marketing—being the person you want to attract.

The next half is how you make sure people know you’re out there and that you’re a network marketing business leader. But that’s a subject for another post. Good luck and happy marketing!

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