It’s Not Just for Cows: Why Branding is Vital for Networking Marketing Success

What is a brand, why do you need one, and what does it have to do with network marketing success?

I’ll tell you—and it really has nothing to do with cows. Nor am I talking about logos like that Nike “swoosh” symbol.

Actually, I’m talking about you. Because that’s what your brand is—it’s your story. It’s the way you present yourself to your prospects. And your success depends on how well you do it. Read More

Newbie Bootcamp: Your First Year Network Marketing

So what do you expect your first year network marketing to look like?


Sorry—I’ve always wanted to do that! But the truth is that the first year as a network marketer is something like boot camp.

Without the screaming officers, of course. Or the 5-mile runs carrying full gear. Or the awful hair cuts. Read More