Brand or Die: The Only Way to Success in the Network Marketing Business

When you’re in the network marketing business, you’re not selling a product or a business opportunity. You’re selling yourself. You’re selling your personal brand.

What does a brand have to do with people? I know that many of us associate brands with corporate logos, but in the network marketing business world, a brand is so much more than that. Read More

Better Than Sliced Bread: The Best Invention Ever for the MLM Business

So, what’s the best invention ever for MLM business?

You’re reading it!

No, not this article. Not even this blog (though I do think very highly of it!).

It’s the Internet!

After all, how did you find my blog about MLM business? You did a Web search, didn’t you? Or perhaps someone sent you this article by email? Or maybe you were just randomly clicking through MLM-related websites and found me? Read More